YAAAAAAAAAAY!!! I can’t believe it.

I am half way to meeting my precious angel.

Gosh how much do I love my baby and I haven’t even met them.

I look forward to the day I will hold them in my arms. tiny hands and tiny feet. Woo I can’t wait.

20 weeks has brought so joy. I can finally feel my baby move. It feels like bubbles and butterflies. I can’t wait for an actual kick. Happiness is an understatement.

Again I must say I love my baby so much. Plus they have given me such an easy time being pregnant. Unless I told you, you wouldn’t think or guess that i am pregnant. I have been well…and the glow…highlight has got nothing on this.

Till next time.




I often stumble every time I say the word pregnant.

That I am pregnant. And I am pregnant NATURALLY.

This I never thought would happen.

After receiving the news of my blocked tubes in January this year, I knew my year was going to be a hard one as I was going to do everything to get pregnant.

I am happy to say that now I am 3 months pregnant. Woo hoo.

I am soooo excited and happy. Mr Coffee constantly says he has never seen this side of me. I am excited about life and my baby.

Can November( which is my due month) get here already. Cant wait to meet my lovely angel and kiss their feet and cheeks. Gosh I feel like crying just thinking about it.

I am so happy plus I have had a smooth sailing so far. No morning sickness, no heartburn, no craving nor even repulsion but the FATIGUE Jesus have mercy.

However, I don’t complain I know its my angel baking.

Till next time.




After trying for the whole of 2016, we decide to see a fertility specialist just to give us a different perspective.
We set up an appointment and it well went well. She was very helpful and encouraging.
She ordered for a HSG test to be done since both our hormones where very good.
The HSG came back and the results were bilateral tubal blockage.
The specialist told us the best case we have to have a child was through IVF due to where the blockages were.
We started the process. We sold a property to get the money.
This was in January 2017.
in February, we were now preparing to start and after my period, i would go back to the doctor on cycle day 21 to get my Lupron shot. I did get my lupron shot and now after 7 days I should get my period, call the doctor and after the baseline results start the stimulation.

But GOD had a different plan.

3 days before my period which was on a Saturday, I started to spot. I thought it was my period so I called the doctor and we set up an appointment which was going to be a day before my period so that is Monday.

But on Sunday morning before my morning walk, I had an inclination to try a pregnancy test.
And I peed on it and it was POSITIVE.
What? How?
I thought it was the effect of the lupron but after checking on the internet, there was very little chance that it was the lupron.
So after the walk I did another test, it was positive.
Monday morning I took another test, it was positive.

I had my appointment on Monday to officially start my IVF. But JESUS He had another plan for me.

I showed my doctor my pregnancy test and we had a trans vaginal scan which showed a very nice lining.
She ordered a beta HCG and progesterone levels.
After two hours, she called me which a big congratulations. I am pregnant.
Beta HCG were 227 and progesterone was 32.5.

Today I am 4 weeks 1 day pregnant. Without any medication.

Jesus You are faithful.

After finding out that my tubes were blocked, I knew i would never conceive naturally. But I never stopped trusting in God. I put all my faith in Him to heal me and restore my body.

All glory and honor to unto His Holy name.

Jesus I am ever grateful for this gift.

I will live for you Jesus.

Looking forward to a happy and healthy 9 months.

Ladies, don’t give up on God. He is a faithful God and He hears our prayers. Trust in Him.
Your miracle is on its way.

All the best.


Chapter two

How was this happening? how did this happen to me?

Everybody is just popping babies right left and center…why me?

I had read that 1 in every 8 couple experience infertility.

I had never considered us to be  the exception. I thought we were the rule.

I am distraught.

HSG test said that I have bilateral tubal blockage.

Both my fallopian tubes were blocked and they is nothing the doctor can do. The chance of success if the doctor did a surgery to open them is 10%. Only 10% ? like seriously

I havent stopped crying ever since. Everything I think of it, my eyes just swell with tears.

So the doctor just says IVF.

Now what now?

I only hear of such thing in the movies and celebrities.

ME? Just an ordinary girl i have to do IVF to get a baby? Jesus help me.

Jesus help me.





I have been meaning to write chapter 2 of my story but every time I sit down to write it, I am overcome by so many emotions. I end up crying and saving it as a draft.

Never in a million years did I ever think this was going to be my story. I never thought i would deal with infertility.

And the stigma associated with childlessness from the country where I am from, I don’t think I can handle it.

I feel so defeated and ashamed. I feel like I have disappointed my husband.

I hope by me sharing my story someone will be encouraged and know they are not alone.

We are sisters in this journey of motherhood.

Anyway another day, new zeal.

Chapter one

I believe we always wanted a family. I wanted 2 kids and Mr. Coffee wanted and still wants 5. Compromise is 3 and we agreed.

I didn’t want to get pregnant before I finished school so as  Mr. Coffee and I had fun, we got an iud to plan our family.

I had the IUD for a one whole year before I decided I was ready and I got rid of it ( it was a painful procedure). Yay let’s make some babies. January came nothing so did February, March and April. In May we got married and I put more pressure on myself to get pregnant. June nothing, July nothing I couldn’t take it any longer.

I suggested to Mr. Coffee that we go to a doctor for some extra help. Our doctor gave us a drug that would have been helpful to maintain the pregnancy if it happened. But still nothing happened. The next month he prescribed a fertility drug called Letrozole. Still nothing. The next month a larger dose of the letrozole again nothing.

We decided to break for two months. We sort a different opinion from another doctor and the first thing he recommended was and IUI (artificial insemination)on a natural cycle (withiut any medication to aid my chances). Mr. Coffee refused.

After the two months were over, we visited our doctor again who prescribed another fertility drug called clomid. Still nothing. Another round of clomid nothing.

I was exhausted. Every month I spent thousands of shillings on medication, ovulation predictor kits (OPKs) and pregnancy tests. It took an emotional toll on me. I just wanted it to end but extremely desperate. If you had told me to go to a witch doctor…I would have in a heart beat.

This is 2016.

2017 to me is the year that I am going to become a mother.

In 2016, I had attended the health festival to TRM and I heard a certain fertility specialist talk. So I thought about her and her expertise.

Mr. Coffee accompanied me to the appointment. This man is just the best. Thank you dear for the support. I love you.

The appointment went well and she prescribed a test called hysterosalpingogram (HSG). It  is an x-ray procedure used to see whether the fallopian tubes are patent (open) and if the inside of the uterus (uterine cavity) is normal. I had never heard on it. I was to do the test in one week.

The day came for the HSG. I found out something that has changed my life forever.






The beginning

It was a Friday night when we met again. University was a few years ago. We had never had any conversation , all we ever did was say hi.
He waved at me and I approached him and we even had to remind each other of our names. Little did we know this exchange was the beginning of a beautiful future together.
He went back to his table it was his birthday after he cheesily gave me his business card. I didn’t pay much attention to it but I kept it.
After an hour, he came to my table and bought me two beers and left again. I didn’t see him after.
Christmas time came, my family went away for holiday and so I remembered him hahaha.

Let me tell you how had I looked for that business card weeh!
We had the most amazing holiday ever. We drunk, we partied, we made love.

I fell in love.

But I was scared so I broke up with him shortly after New Years.
Life always has a way of humbling you and after going through bad relationships after him, it made me wonder what life would be with him.
He looked for me again (around my birthday) I got scared  again and turned him down. So dumb.
He traveled to visit his cousin and I think made a last attempt to look for me( free wifi), but this time I was ready. I fell in love again at halo. Problem was I was in another country in school but this didn’t deter either of us I wanted it to work.
He was everything. He was so sweet and hot too. He made my heart skip everytime he said my name, I had to have him.
And I still do. And he is everything I would ever want in a man. He is so sweet, so charming, so handsome I want to have his babies.

My lover,my friend, my cheerleader, my biggest critic, my baby daddy. I call him Mr. Coffee.

This is where it all began.